Learn the skills of processing, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data that is for business decision-making. Our services are geared towards the extraction of useful information from data in order to enable you make data driven decisions for your organization


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Research Theory

  • Literature Reviews: Theorists & Theoretical Source
  • Theoretical & conceptual frameworks
  • Research project Planner

Explore Methodologies

  • Exploring Qualitative methodology
  • Exploring Quantitative methodology
  • Exploring Mixed Methods Approach
  • Developing doctoral prospectus

Identify Research Problem

  • Developing Sociatal Challanges into Research Problems
  • Tools for doctoral-level research problem

Develop Research Questions

  • Developing Researchable Questions
  • Aligning Research Problem, Purpose and Research Questions
  • Formatting Research questions and Hypothesis

Establish a Research Design

  • General Research Design
  • Action Research
  • Case Study Research
  • Grounded Theory
  • Mixed Method
  • Program Evaluation
  • Qualitative Design and Analysis
  • Quantitative Research Design and Analysis

Explore Existing Datasets

  • What are existing datasets?
  • Existing Dataset Resources
  • Secondary Data Analysis on Existing Data
  • Data Sources Resources

Collect and Manage Data

  • Qualitative Data Management Software
  • Research Applications and Software
  • Online Data Collection
  • Sage Research Methods Resources

Data Analysis and Interpretation

  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Quantitative, SPSS, and Statistics Tutoring
  • Methods Project Planner

Write Your Research

  • Writing the Literature Review
  • Writing About Methods and Design
  • Presenting Data and Describing Analysis
  • Introduce, Conclude, and Write the Abstract of Your Study
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