Data Analytics

  • Learn the skills of processing, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data that is for business decision-making.
  • Our services are geared towards the extraction of useful information from data in order to enable you make data driven decisions for your organization

We offer advanced and highly efficient computer-assisted telephone interviewing system (CATI) and supporting software that reduce the cost and time of conducting surveys while ensuring the accuracy of data input. Our sampling capabilities allow for dual-frame designs to capture both landline and cell phone numbers. Additionally, we can target particular populations based on demographic characteristics or geographic location using census tracts.

We also use the Internet to collect survey information; conduct program evaluations and monitor client satisfaction.  The BTIPPR helps clients in designing and conducting web-based surveys; developing sampling strategies; designing instruments; posting web surveys and forms, and analyzing the survey results.  We offer survey services ranging from the questionnaire design to the final report. BTIPPR can handle all your survey needs through our excellent respondent tracking tools that allow us to keep track of the status of each respondent case throughout the research project.  This allows us to give clients up-to-date project status reports as frequently as they need. Our scanning system for data capture can recognize, verify and export data and images quickly, accurately and cost-effectively. Our system is capable of processing thousands of surveys. Our software is capable of reading word-processed or hand-printed alpha and numeric data, such as a name, address and phone number, as well as common check boxes. Data is automatically updated into a database. Using scanning technology means we reduce manual data entry considerably, thereby reducing staff costs and increasing the speed of results