The btiu Teach For Africa Program (TFAP)

We, the BTIU Teach for Africa Program (TFAP), are seeking result oriented leaders who believe our challenges are our opportunities. Come join us to help African students reach their potential

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Virtual Training Experience Program (AVTE)

The BTIU-Teach for Africa Program is a integral part of the Brown Tsuma International Foundation and the BEDCA (East Africa) that  seeks to address the  challenges of online education by expanding Virtual Training Experience Programs for African Students and Teachers.

Join usAfrica Research Mentorship Program (ARMP)

Our research mentorship program facilitates the Learning of skills for processing, cleaning, transforming, and modeling data that is for business decision-making. This program targets students from marginalized communities  by providing research skills useful in making data driven decisions for their communities. We provide one on one session with our content and methodologist experts on Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis.